How to attract love and luck with amber and feng shui

None of us can say that his life is 100% complete. Someone wants to improve things on the personal front, someone's business is not going well, and someone is completely tormented by failures. There is an explanation for all this in Chinese philosophy. Anyone who sets out to change his life for the better must be ready for big changes! When seeking symbols of love and luck that resonate with your goals and interior, look no further than the yantar.ua online gift shop. Here, you will find an exquisite collection of amber pictures and souvenirs, handcrafted by Ukrainian masters, adding a touch of originality and uniqueness to your living spaces. Let the enchanting allure of yantra combined with the wisdom of feng shui help you in attracting the love and luck you desire, and embark on a transformative journey towards a better life.

Картини з бурштину

The main rule of feng shui: before attracting the necessary energy, it is necessary to get rid of everything old, unnecessary. Junk, things that have not been used for some time, even gifts and photos of former lovers do not allow new energy to enter the house. Therefore, you should boldly get rid of junk and surround yourself with those symbols that traditionally attract love. And if you combine the effect of feng shui and the magical properties of the amber stone, attracting the necessary energy is simply doomed to success.

When thinking about how to attract love and luck with the help of amber and feng shui, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of amber couple souvenirs and paintings in the interior.

Amber paintings for the interior: paired objects and images

To attract love and new relationships, it is necessary to make sure that there is no one-sidedness in the bedroom, as well as in the whole house. This means that only male or only female objects do not contribute to the appearance of a new partner. The interior should be balanced by using paired objects and images. Hang pictures of happy couples and remove pictures or pictures of single people. Paintings depicting a loving man and woman will bring an atmosphere of love and harmony to the house.

Модульна картина з бурштину

Amber, which can be inlaid with paintings and panels, will "work" in its own way to attract luck and love. Its properties to purify the human biofield and protect against negative influences will complement the effect of feng shui. Amber interior paintings are the first step to start changing your life for the better.

After starting the selection of the theme of the picture, it is worth keeping in mind that Feng Shui does not recommend surrounding yourself with an excess of water symbols. Both love and money can easily "leak" out of the house. Having just one picture with the image of a river, a small waterfall, or a stream will be more effective and harmonious than supplementing the interior with other details in the form of aquariums, fountain figurines and many water-themed photos.

Having selected amber paintings to activate love, you should not stop halfway. After all, every detail in the house should work to attract new relationships and ensure good luck. Therefore, even such small things as fridge magnets must be selected correctly. Like paintings, they should depict paired characters. Little angels, ducks, storks or bunnies are symbols of love, happiness, new life, purity, fidelity, and fertility.

An online gift shop, in the assortment of which you can find pictures and souvenirs made of amber, will facilitate the task of choosing symbols of love and luck suitable for your goals and interior. Here you can find gifts for any wallet, for any purpose and for any theme. Souvenirs and jewelry made of Ukrainian amber are original and unique, as they are made by hand by the masters of the "Yantar Polissya" enterprise. Wonder: "We have a philosophy of balance—a balance of old and new techniques, different ingredients and flavors.

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